Procrastinators People have Overheard

"Whenever I feel like I’m making some headway towards graduation at Norwich:"

It’s just like:

"Late promotions in the corps:"


Feels like we skipped fall and went straight to winter up here at the wick:

CDT 1: Its fucking cold out for the Abare Farm thing eh?
CDT 2: Ya. The kids are gonna be miserable. It’s fantastic.
CDT 1: Nothing makes me happier than rookie misery.


"When the RA’s/Guard duty make rounds in your hallway:"

We just be like:

"Life in the day/week of Overheard"

When someone asks why I got a faculty/staff reception invitation from the President:

When they say Overheard is just a rogue unofficial group:

When the Commandant wrote a response just for Overheard:

When we get a bad reaction to old school/inside jokes:

Whenever we get wind of info relevant to the Corps:

You guys are awesome, we love having someone to vent to:
-Love, The Overheard Crew

"When I ask Cadre buddies what they do with their time off:"

They be like:

"Reading the reactions for the Colonel’s response to us on Overheard:"

The Alumni react to him like:

"Paying for Tuition and Books at Norwich:"


CDT 1: When all the broken Rooks become unbroken. 

(Notice the girl in the center with the sling off…)


5th Year Feelings


Faculty 1: We had an idea to try to get back the Cavalry budget.
CDT 1: Oh Yeah?
Faculty 1: Something like the scene of Monty Python. Just have the CO riding a broom and a guy with a rucksack and two coconuts. The subtitle below will say

"NUCC Cav Budget - 2014"